“Bürgerwald” Citizen Forest Tour approx. 5 hours to Wotschofska and Lehde with breaks

Backsteinhaus in Lehde mit Ernteprodukten.

You start your unique boat trip with a table punt at the Small Port at the Spreecastle ("Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlösschen"). The punt is gliding away almost silently passing the two locks and then goesgoes into the most beautiful part of the biosphere reservation Spreewald, the Citizen Forest “Bürgerwald” (small high forest). Here you dive for about 20 minutes through the nearly untouched nature to enjoy this fascinating forest. For this your ferryman will drive along especially small narrow river arms which are called “Fliesse”. After this impressing tour you will have a break at the traditional restaurant “Wotschofska” situated right in the Citizen Forest.


Verwinkelte und einsame Fließe im Bürgerwald laden ein !


On "secret means" you will pass fields where our Spreewald specialties were cultivated and reach the historical Spreewald village Lehde. On sunny river armsdeformation you can admire the pretty cottages and typical farmscourts of the traditional village “Lehde”. You will stop at one of the home cooking restaurant for a break. Here you can enjoy a peaceful lunch hour with many specialties of the Spreewald kitchen. Afterwards you will continue with a trip around the village. Finally from the local part Kaupen it goes back crossing the biggest lock of the Upper Spree forest at the campsite to the castle district and back to the Small port at the Spreecastle.

On this tour you can possibly see kingfishers, white storks, milans (bird of prey), otters, royal dragonflies and other animals…


Length of a journey separately

Length of a journey entire

"Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen" => Wotschofska

approx. 1 hour of 45 min

approx. 1 hour of 45 min

Wotschofska break

approx. 15 min

approx. 2 hours

Wotschofska => Lehde

approx. 45 min

ca. 2 Stunden 45 min

Lehde lunch break / museum break

approx. 1 hour

approx. 3 hour of 45 min

Lehde => "Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen"

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 5 hours


Adults: 15,- €
Children until 12 years: 7,50 €
Group prices on request