The Spreewald is known for its great variety of flora and fauna which is unique in Europe. Through the appointmentof the Spreewald as a biosphere reservation great protection programs could be realized. Due to the headquarters of the biosphere reservation management and their nature guards in Lübbenau a continuous exploration of the sensitive flora and fauna is possible. Due to the concept of the “Gentle Tourism” that the tourism branch had imposed, as well as through the division of the Spreewald into different zones, the living quality of the plants and animals could be increased distinctly..


The rich fauna and flora of the Spreewald is not completely exploredunderstood yet. As all in the Spreewald itit is strongly markedmarked and dependent from the water landscape.


From up to now from 1.600 registered plant speciestand 585 are on the “Red List” (for example the Waternut, the Sundew species and the orchis). Already animal species of 830 butterflies, 113 mussels and snails, 18 amphibians and reptiles, 48 dragonflies, 36 fishes, 45 mammals and 138 breeding birds are able to be proved.  

This rich animal and plant life is leading back to the numerous biotope models which are available in the biosphere reservation.


Refer to that you can find different places in the forest where the black stork, the crane and the sea eagle can find nesting places.


Species of the open landscape are populating meadows and fields, willows and fruit trees. Also the character bird of the Spreewald - the white stork - belongs to this area just the same as the shy otter does.

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